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Everyone has a role in life, some big, some important, some not so. Each of the main players within the motorcycle industry has a focus, as everyone should, in our industry the main player is the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), an executive agency of the Department for Transport. They provide the standards to which ATB's should operate. There are other players and they are:

I.A.M. Advanced rider training, for after your test
RoSPA Advanced motorbike training leading to a qualification
M.A.G. A group dedicated to all riders
M.C.I.A A group that represents the Motorcycle Manufacturers

There are others, of course, but in the main there is no group to represent Approved Training Bodies (Motorcycle Training Schools) or their instructors. That is what we represent, and only that. We, ATB's, are bound by the Motor Vehicles (Driving Licences) Act 1999 (MVA), this enactment of English law dictates how we operate and how we deliver Motorcycle Training to beginners. These are the rules, the methodology and standards are in state of constant flux. We (MTI) are here to help you decipher them and hopefully begin a process to implement the new emerging standards and laws. The standards, methods and curriculum that currently exist are:

ATB Manual A document published by the DVSA which paraphrases the MVA
Learning to ride A book that shows the only current adopted syllabus for training

What's coming up...

On the 31st October 2011 the DVSA released the National Standard for Driver and Rider Training.

On the 23rd August 2013, the DVSA released the National Standards for Riding Mopeds and Motorcycles

On the 30th November 2015, the DVSA released the following material in relation to the CBT review

Mark Winn's Blogg
The New Standards Checks
Guidance for Examiners
New Standards Checks Form
Autumn 2015 to Spring 2016 Unannounced visits

As far as we can see there is no coordinated approach to the roll-out of these new standards which reference the New National Standard For Driver and Rider Training. See our proposal documents

2nd May 2015 Reply to CBT Review
14th March Motorcycle Industry Review

For us, the simplest and best place to start is to teach high level instructors who can then create a hierarchy beneath them of people capable of teaching, firstly instructor trainers and then instructors themselves. Implementation of these standards is not within the remit of the ATBs.

Regional Representatives  
Scotland Gary Allan
Yorkshire Gruff Graley
Midlands William Rodwell
Wales / West Mike Bentley
Central England Loz Williams
London East & South Steve Broad
London West & North Steve Broad
East Anglia Neil Broughton
South West Paul Dickenson
South East